Good Earth Tools has garnered accolades across many industries, engineering solutions to wear part issues.  We have over 50 years of design and experience with tungsten carbide solutions to bear against the toughest wear related issues for our customers.


Click on the industries to the right to see how we have solved some of the most challenging wear issues across many different industries, all over the globe.



Cutting / Chopping


Good Earth Tools has been relied upon for decades by their various customers representing industries such as agriculture, construction and transportation to design and manufacture supreme quality, long-lasting tungsten carbide wear parts. These wear parts are engineered to cut and chop a variety of abrasive and corrosive materials.  Materials such as asphalt, tar, concrete, stone, and various other materials, are extremely abrasive and will quickly damage most typical OEM parts. This quick deterioration equates with more downtime, higher maintenance costs and decreased productivity. Fortunately, Good Earth Tools has the experience and the resources to provide your business with the wear resistant parts you need to outperform and outlast your competition. Please contact Good Earth Tools today!



Ditching / Dragging


One of the most punishing environments that any wear part may encounter is engaging the ground.  Whether it is making contact with the ground’s surface, or burrowing under it, the conditions encountered are always abrasive, and certainly unpredictable due to varying geologic conditions.  Fortunately, Good Earth Tools provides solutions to our customers who are faced with many of these conditions.  We have experience in designing and fabricating construction equipment such as digging and ditching wheels, as well as hydraulically powered excavator attachments that utilize digging chains to remove soil and rock for the transportation, construction and mining industries.  Other applications in which our wear protection has been proven, is in the development and use of solid tungsten carbide wear skids that protect commercial mower decks, street sweeper housings and asphalt grinder housings – all parts that fully engage the ground.  If you have an application, or have an equipment investment that you would like to protect, please contact Good Earth Tools – your tungsten carbide specialist – and let us partner with you to solve your equipment wear issues.



Drilling / Digging


In 1964 Good Earth Tools began its specialty wear resistance component manufacturing in the mining industry. By manufacturing and partnering with many industrial drilling and digging companies, GET has engineered and manufactured high quality tungsten carbide wear parts. These parts provide superior abrasion resistance for digging and drilling rigs delivering the maximum durability and penetration. Whether it is an auger for a drill rig, excavator bucket, bucket conveyor, or bucket teeth for a dragline bucket. Good Earth Tools would be interested in discussing practical and sound tungsten carbide wear solutions with you. Please contact us.



Hammering / Crushing


Conditions inside of hammermills and others types of crushing/pulverizing facilities can be very damaging to equipment. Wear reduces efficiency and output for crushers. At Good Earth Tools, we can help you avoid this potentially costly damage and higher operating costs through the use of our solid tungsten carbide and “TigerCarb™” wear-proofing solutions. In some instances, hammers protected with our tungsten carbide have been known to operate for over 5,000 hours!



Mixing / Blending


Mixing and blending materials that range anywhere from sand, cement, and ash, to grain, flour and other food products means that you likely have major wear problems. These wear problems usually affect mixer housings or the blades contained within them. The result is typically longer cycle time to create the desired mixture, the possibility of an unacceptable mixture, mixer or plant downtime changing out worn components, and higher inventory costs since higher quantities of replacement parts need to be available. Good Earth Tools realizes that these are all things that a company in today’s competitive market cannot afford. We have been partnering with our customers for over 40 years, helping them to: overcome their wear problems through the utilization of tungsten carbide; realize higher production rates; be more profitable. If you have a tough mixing or blending problem, please contact us today!



Scraping / Cleaning


Abrasive and corrosive wear attack industrial equipment constantly. For example, many industrial operating systems (such as conveyor belts) can become compacted with material that can cause damage and force maintenance repair, leading to decreased productivity. wear, and premature failure. Yet, Good Earth Tools has found solutions. Through the exclusive GET tungsten carbide wear protection process (applied to coal mining belt scrapers, for example), increased and superior productivity have been experienced by mining companies. To find out more please contact us and let us partner with you.



Separating Materials


Good Earth Tools has always been a source of solutions for tungsten carbide wear-resistant parts for separating out chemicals, waste material, slurry, drill mud,  or for centrifuge equipment. Good Earth tools has been challenged in the past to solve decanter centrifuge scroll wear problems. The solution comes by brazing tungsten carbide insert tiles to the scroll face. This lessens the abrasive wear and corrosive wear to the centrifuges and improves the conveyance and centrifugal separation process, doubling the wear life. At Good Earth Tools, our decades of experience in solving the supreme challenges of wear on centrifugal separators is an art. Let us put our skill to work on your toughest material separation issue. Please contact us today.



Materials Handling


Many industrial operations convey and transport a wide variety of abrasive materials in order to operate efficiently and productively. To remain on time and on budget; the transportation of these abrasive elements cannot produce problems like mechanical breakdowns, reinstallation, or retrofitting new wear parts. Many of the solutions that Good Earth Tools developed for industry deal with centrifuge or transport screws, even rotary airlocks that are under tremendous high pressure as they dispense materials. Wear parts are damaged as they transfer waste that is taken away from the manufactured product. These types of wear parts typically encounter abrasive wear on the face of the screw and damage the areas that seal the wear component. Generally, this area wears the fastest as it faces the most contact with the abrasive and corrosive wear environments (sometimes under great high pressure) that transfer – asphalt, ash, coal, gravel, concrete, grain, sand, ore and lime. Many of these materials are common in industries such as chemical refining, mining, transportation, construction, power generation, agriculture, waste and water material handling, extrusion processing, pulp and paper production, and many other industries.  If you would like to speak to an engineer that specializes in custom tungsten carbide wear proofing and wear resistance, Good Earth Tools would invite you to contact us so we can develop a relationship of success and solution to your wear resistance issues.



Wear Plates / Liners


Wear resistance from impact and abrasion are the main reason many facilities face costly maintenance downtime and damaged equipment. An investment in equipment for any facility is a costly and significant decision. The experts at Good Earth Tools (GET) know that your company is conscious of these issues and, we have solved many similar issues with our customers. For example, many mining operations are faced with iron ore processing and transferring that prematurely damages wear plates and conveyors, which leads to maintenance downtime, safety hazards, and lost productivity. Good Earth Tools has applied their expertise in tungsten carbide wear parts to help customers eliminate these issues, and, in the process, our customers have found that after they installed Good Earth Tool wear liners and wear plates, their wear part life expectancy has increased 10 times over their previous parts.



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Good Earth Tools has developed highly intricate shapes and functionality for carbide-brazed wear parts.  Some examples of the applications Good Earth Tools has developed for include:


  • Coal mill linings
  • Ash valves protected with carbide coating
  • Belt scrapers that resist constant abrasion and impact
  • Hammer mill hammers protected with tungsten carbide to outlast an original OEM hammer up to four times longer
  • Centrifuge tiles that are carbide coated to withstand heat, corrosion and abrasive wear.


Good Earth Tools are pioneers in the engineering and application of solid tungsten carbide.  We develop and produce wear solutions for industries ranging from power generation, mining, mineral processing, oil & gas,

railroad maintenance, recycling, size reduction, materials handling,

and pet food production to name a few.


Give us a call or send us an email to see how

Good Earth Tools can go to work helping your company

reduce downtime and increase productivity!




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