Good Earth Tools Z-Skids Last and Last

The skids on bush hogs and boom-mounted or pull-behind rotary mowers are in constant contact with the ground, grinding away at the fabricated steel or cast OEM wear skids. Materials such as asphalt, granite, gravel, sand, and dirt are extremely tough on mowing equipment.

Good Earth Tools “Z-Skids” Mower Skids are made to protect your mower for a full season and more.

GET Z-SkidsOur engineers apply more than 50 years of experience in wear-proofing machine parts. We are pioneers in the use of tungsten carbide to prevent abrasive wear in many industrial applications, such as railroad track maintenance, mining, material handling, and power generation.

Good Earth Tools Z-Skids feature solid tungsten carbide covered ground contact surfaces for all mowers and bush hogs. Typical skids require changing every few months, but GET Z-Skids last multiple seasons. Operators are able to keep mowing… and mowing… and mowing, and the mower is protected.

Good Earth Tools manufactures wear-proofed tungsten carbide skids to fit most boom-mounted or pull-behind rotary mowers – such as Tiger, Diamond, Schulte, and Bush Hog – and can also custom engineer and manufacture skids of any size or shape.

GET It and Forget It! Good Earth Tools wear parts are proudly made in the USA. Get the GET Z-Skids that are proven to last!

Call 636-937-3330 now to get the GET Z-Skids installed before spring!

Good Earth Tools donates USB drives to local schools

Employees from Good Earth Tools delivered new USB drives to local schools this week. Crystal City, Jefferson R-7, and St. Pius X High School each received 100 of the USB drives.

R7 School receives USB Drives
Students from Danby Middle School, along with Principal Cindy Holdinghausen (seated, left), received the donation of USB drives from Laura Villmer and Gina Huck (also seated) of Good Earth Tools.

“In a school district that is one-to-one for all students between the ages of kindergarten to 12th grade, having devices like this is huge,” said Jefferson R-7 Superintendent Clint Johnston. “It allows our students to be able to archive different items, different materials that they’re using in their classroom on a daily basis.”

Good Earth Tools, a manufacturing facility in Festus/Crystal City, is dedicated to community outreach. “At Good Earth Tools, we are committed to giving back to our community,” said Vice President Kip Williams. “Our employees live here, their children go to school here, and we want to be able to help out whenever we can.”

Crystal City HS receives USB drives
Crystal City High School Principal Matt Holdinghausen, Good Earth Tools Marketing Coordinator Laura Villmer, Crystal City High School Business Education Teacher and FBLA Sponsor Teresa Meyer, Good Earth Tools Customer Service Representative Joan Radin

More than 150 employees at Good Earth Tools helped contribute to various community outreach efforts in 2017, including a food drive for local food pantries and Christmas gifts for the needy.

The USB drives featured an outdated company logo, and Williams said the company wanted them to go to a worthy cause.

St. Pius receives USB drives
Good Earth Tools Customer Service Representatives Gina Huck (left) and Laura Pettus, and St. Pius X High School Technology Coordinator Kevin Halley

The administrators at the local schools were all appreciative of the donation.

“We have students who are unable to afford some things, so this gives them the opportunity to be as competitive as some of the other students,” said Danby Middle School Principal Cindy Holdinghausen. “I know the students will be using them quite a bit. It will be wonderful to be able to use these.”


Good Earth Tools Sales Team Focuses on Growth

Good Earth Tools Sales TeamThe entire Good Earth Tools team congregated recently at a meeting at the company’s headquarters in Crystal City, Mo. The meetings included the sales, engineering, marketing, IT, customer service, and management teams. The salesmen gathered from across the country and around the world to discuss sales strategy and targeted markets. “Wear is absolutely everywhere,” said salesman Matt Olinger, “and Good Earth Tools’ tungsten carbide is the best solution for wear.” The sales team discussed potential new markets for Good Earth Tools, collaborated on several new projects, and toured the 27-acre campus, focusing especially on the 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space. “We have a strong engineering group, knowledgeable sales representatives, and the best customer service in the business,” said vice president Kip Williams. “There are a lot of industries out there that have yet to reap the benefits that Good Earth Tools can provide them. Our engineering and sales teams work with our customers, and we create custom solutions with Good Earth Tools tungsten carbide.” The sales team is now back in the field, ready to solve the next wear problem! Got a tough wear problem? Call Good Earth Tools today at 636-937-3330.

Auger Screws Performing Above Expectations

Good Earth Tools recently got the opportunity for a new application of Carbide. A customer was experiencing severe wear problems on their auger screws, replacing them every five to six months due to wear from moving crushed rock. The GET team stepped up to the challenge and, using a silver-solder induction brazing process, applied 8,000 pieces of Carbide to each of two screws. The screws would be tested in their typical extreme environment, with high abrasion and impact. After two months, the GET screws show no signs of wear and are effectively moving the crushed material at the plant at which they were installed. To see how Good Earth Tools can help solve your wear problems, call 636-937-3330 today!

Chasing the Wear

PULVERIZERGood Earth Tools sales engineers are assisting yet another customer as they “chase the wear” on a part. After applying Carbide to the leading edge of all the plow tips in a crusher/grinder, the life of the plows has been extended so much that other parts – without Carbide – are now showing wear. “When we applied Carbide to the high wear areas on the plow tip – wear came to a dead stop!” said Sales Engineer Matt Olinger. “Over time, some wear is shifting to a location on the part that currently does not have Carbide.  Now we can fine-tune the Carbide coverage to stop this wear as well.” The GET team routinely encounters this issue after applying Carbide to a new part, and works closely with the customer to find a solution. This is just one of the many reasons why Good Earth Tools is the leader in solving wear problems. To talk to a Good Earth Tools sales engineer today, call 636-937-3330.

Good Earth Tools to Exhibit at Oil Sands Trade Show

Oil SandsGood Earth Tools sales application engineers will be traveling north for the upcoming Oil Sands Trade Show, September 12-13 at Fort McMurray, Alberta. Fort_mcmurray_aerialThe event is the leading exchange of innovation and opportunity in the Oil Sands Industry. The Good Earth Tools team will be promoting Carbide wear solutions for the industry, especially with oil sands distributors, wear plates, and liners. Stop by Booth #3302 in Hall C and talk with the Good Earth Tools team!

What Is Carbide? Part Three: The Good Earth Tools Difference

Good Earth Tools Carbide Fan
Good Earth Tools Carbide Fan

Now that you know what Carbide is, it’s time to find out what makes Good Earth Tools the leader in Carbide wear technology.

Good Earth Tools is a pioneer in the engineering and application of Cemented Tungsten Carbide. For more than 50 years, Good Earth Tools has solved wear problems for customers in industries such as mining, material handling, power generation, and drilling.

Good Earth Tools Carbide Hammer
Good Earth Tools Carbide Hammer

Good Earth Tools utilizes Carbide in a variety of grades to handle both high impact and abrasion situations. By adding Good Earth Tools Carbide to parts that experience high wear, the customer experiences less downtime, increased production, and higher profits.

Good Earth Tools Carbide Liner
Good Earth Tools Carbide Liner


Challenge us to improve your operations with innovative Carbide wear technology. Good Earth Tools Carbide Works for You!

What Is Carbide? Part Two: Toughening Up the Tungsten

In our first installment, we learned why Tungsten Carbide, or Carbide, is ideal for wear solutions. Today, we will learn how it is made.

To produce Cemented Tungsten Carbide, tungsten ore is crushed, heated, and treated with chemicals, then mixed with carbon.

The Carbide grains are sorted by size and mixed with powdered cobalt metal, which acts as a glue to hold the materials together, as well as other materials that improve the wear-resistant properties.

CNow in a powder form, the Carbide is pressed into molds. Once removed from the molds, the product is placed in a sintering furnace and heated in a low-pressure hydrogen atmosphere to 1100-1300 degrees Celsius (2000-2400 degrees F). The cobalt melts, and the molded form shrinks to a solid, smaller size.

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Good Earth Tools

What Is Carbide? Part One: The Case for Tungsten Carbide

What Is Carbide? Part One

Good Earth Tools is a pioneer in the engineering and application of Cemented Tungsten Carbide.

But what is Cemented Tungsten Carbide?

GET TCTungsten Carbide, or Carbide, is a man-made metallic/ceramic material containing a mixture of Tungsten, cobalt, and other alloying materials, including titanium and tantalum. Carbide was first used in the 1920s.

Tungsten ore was officially discovered in 1783. It is the strongest metal on earth, with nearly twice the tensile strength of stainless steel.

Carbide is about as dense as gold or lead, and is almost as hard as a diamond. It is twice as hard as steel and four times harder than titanium. Carbide is so hard that the only natural material that can scratch it is a diamond. These properties make Carbide ideal for the wear solutions that Good Earth Tools provides.

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Hammering Out Solutions

GET Carbide HammersGood Earth Tools recently was approached by a customer to help develop a better solution for extending the life of their pulverizing hammers.  This facility produces corn products – corn oil, corn sugar, corn syrup and such.  It is so large that they have their own co-generation plant to produce electrical power and steam for the plant’s operation.  The problem they were experiencing was in the co-gen plant, specifically the hammers in the pulverizer.  This pulverizer is used daily to crush and size large amounts of coal.  The hammers, which are located in the heart of the machine, would wear quickly and require replacement every four to six months – creating a huge amount of downtime, lost production, and headaches for the maintenanceGET OEM Hammer crew.  The engineers at Good Earth Tools were able to investigate this problem and develop a Carbide solution that has proven to extend the life of the hammers from 6 months to 18 months! Have a hammer wear problem? The Good Earth Tools engineering group is ready to help! Call 636-937-3330 today!

Good Earth Tools Provides On-Site Fan Liner Repair

Fan RepairDid you know that Good Earth Tools can provide limited on-site Carbide liner repair for industrial fans? One customer recently took advantage of this service!  It seems the customer had an emergency outage and could only be down for a few days.  They noticed that the already 5-year-old fan inlet lips needed some repair work, but instead of removing the fan from the housing and shipping it to our facility for repairs, the GET crew performed the repairs on-site!  This allowed the customer to get back up and running within their planned time frame!  On-site Carbide repair is just one of the many services that we can offer, and is a facet of our world-class customer service.  If you have tough wear problems and tight deadlines, give us a try!  Contact the Good Earth Tools Sales & Customer Service Team today!

Good Earth Tools’ Solutions Outlast the OEM!

Good Earth Tools recently worked with a customer to solve a severe wear problem, and eliminate one of their largest maintenance headaches. The OEM steel corner scrapers and outside wall scrapers on their Voeller concrete mixer were lasting about three months, causing frequent downtime, quality issues, and slower production rates.  Good Earth Tools developed Carbide-protected replacement parts that are still running at 15 months with no need for repair or replacement. That is an increase in operations of over 400% – and the parts are still fully operational!  To see how Good Earth Tools’ Carbide solutions can help you, call us today!!

Good Earth Tools Provides Outstanding Customer Service

Teri GansnerGood Earth Tools prides itself on its outstanding customer service team. When you call our customer service line, you’ll speak with a live specialist, not a machine. Meet Teri Gansner, a member of our GET team. For 23 years, Teri has been assisting customers with all of their needs. In her free time, Teri enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, gardening, and spending time with her grandkids. Teri loves her job, and says our friendly customers make it the most enjoyable for her. If you need assistance or have a question about Good Earth Tools, call Teri today!

GET Corner Blade Outperforms Expectations

Good Earth Tools salesman Matt Olinger recently checked in with a customer to see how well their carbide-protected corner blade was performing. The blade was still performing well, and has already been in service almost four times longer than the hardened steel OEM blade. To find out how Good Earth Tools can help you with your wear problems, call 636-937-3330.