Chasing the Wear

PULVERIZERGood Earth Tools sales engineers are assisting yet another customer as they “chase the wear” on a part. After applying Carbide to the leading edge of all the plow tips in a crusher/grinder, the life of the plows has been extended so much that other parts – without Carbide – are now showing wear. “When we applied Carbide to the high wear areas on the plow tip – wear came to a dead stop!” said Sales Engineer Matt Olinger. “Over time, some wear is shifting to a location on the part that currently does not have Carbide.  Now we can fine-tune the Carbide coverage to stop this wear as well.” The GET team routinely encounters this issue after applying Carbide to a new part, and works closely with the customer to find a solution. This is just one of the many reasons why Good Earth Tools is the leader in solving wear problems. To talk to a Good Earth Tools sales engineer today, call 636-937-3330.